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Sunrise and Sunsets from The Lighthouse Hunters
Sunrise in Portland, ME
This is the predawn sunrise from the Portland Head lighthouse with the Halfway Rock light in the far distance on August 28, 2010. Shot taken at F18 at 1/8th sec. at 0 EV
Sunset in Upper NY
Driving from PA we stopped at an Upper New York rest area. We had an unobstructed view of this awesome sunset on Sept. 10, 2010 at 7:25 pm. This was F5.6 at 1/50th sec. 0 EV
Sunset in Long Island, NY
This pretty sunset was taken from the beach at the Fire Island lighthouse on September 17, 2010. The camera settings on my Nikon D300 were F5.3 at 1/640th second at -.7 EV
Sunset in Cap Roziers, Quebec
After photographing the Cap des Rosiers lighthouse we checked into the Motel du Haut Phare across the street. This Quebec sunset was on September 15, 2014 at 6:39 pm.
Sunset in Highlands, NJ
A beautiful sunset we witnessed on the hazy, hot and humid night of July 30, 2010 from our home. This was taken with my Nikon D300 camera at F16 at 1/320th second at 0 EV
Sunset in Sea Bright, NJ
In between my niece's day and evening Sweet Sixteen party on December 1, 2007 we saw this beautiful sunset at 4:36 pm. This is the Shrewsbury River taken from Sea Bright, NJ.
Sunset in Boston, MA
During a weekend road trip with Gary Martin we popped into Boston, MA to shoot 2 lights and this fantastic sunset on August 28, 2010. I took this at F5.6 at 1/60th second at -.7 EV
Sunset in Highlands, NJ
Two days before Thanksgiving this beautiful pink sunset showed up at 4:44 pm. A minute later it wasn't pink anymore. We were at our home in New Jersey on November 25, 2014.
Sunset in Tracy, QC
This sunset was the best of the trip. I took this shot on October 2, 2015 at 6:36 pm while driving through Tracy, Quebec, Canada. We were on Route 132 with our friends.
Sunrise in Portland, ME
This pretty Portland, Maine sunrise was on August 28, 2010 at 6:09 am. Gary Martin and I shot for an hour from Portland Head. I took this at F5.6 at 1/3200th second at -.7 EV
Sunset in PEI
For a part of our vacation we photographed the lighthouses of Prince Edward Island. This sunset was taken from the Shipwreck Point light in St. Peter's, PEI on Sept. 24, 2003.
Sunset at Long Beach Bar
For a day trip on May 15, 2009 we drove to Greenport, NY. We boarded the Peconic Star II to see 4 lighthouses in 4 hours. This is the sunset at the Long Beach Bar lighthouse.
Sunset in Sea Bright, NJ
This is the Shrewsbury River in New Jersey. My sister, Diana, was giving us all a beautiful sunset from Heaven for her daughter's Sweet Sixteen party on December 1, 2007.
Sunrise at Ritchie Wharf
On October 1, 2008 we began our day at the Ritchie Wharf lighthouse in New Brunswick, Canada. This cool sunrise reflected on the flat calm waters near the lighthouse.
Sunrise at Halfway Rock
The sun came up next to the Halfway Rock lighthouse on August 28, 2010. Our friend, Gary Martin, suggested we shoot at predawn. I took this at F11 at 1/125th second at -.7 EV
Sunrise in Portland, Maine
Gary Martin and I enjoyed photographing the predawn sunrise over Casco Bay in Portland, Maine for 1 hour, before the ALF boat trip. I took this at F5.6 at 1/3200th second at 0 EV
Sunset at Twin Lights
On July 26, 2010 at 8:35 pm I stood on the nearly complete new Highlands Bridge overpass getting ready for the full moon. The sunset is behind the Twin Lights of Navesink.
Sunset in Oahu, Hawaii
While enjoying the Ali' i Kai Catamaran Dinner Buffet Cruise we photographed this sunset on July 19, 2004. We saw the Aloha Tower and the distant Diamond Head light.
Sunset in Oahu, Hawaii
This is our 1st sunset with a palm tree. Even though it was hot all the time we enjoyed our time in Oahu, Hawaii. This was taken on July 22, 2004 during the Paradise Cove Luau.
Sunset in Atlantic City, NJ
After I shot the East Point and Cape May lights on January 10, 2011, I shot this cold sunset from US-322 East in Atlantic City. Shot at F/22 at 1/25th second at +1 EV
Sunrise in Atlantic City, NJ
On the very cold morning of January 10, 2011 at 7:03 I shot the sunrise in Atlantic City, NJ across boardwalk from our union hotel. This was shot at F/5 at 1/500th sec. at 0 EV
Our new friends and we were on the Baie St. Catherine-Tadoussac ferry several times. On the chilly night of September 9, 2014 we had this sunset at 7:22 pm.
Thunder Bay Sunrise
The Thunder Bay Main lighthouse at 6:17 am on July 18, 2012. Our boat charter out of Thunder Bay, Ontario left before sunrise. We saw 6 Canadian lights on Lake Superior.
Sunrise in Maui, Hawaii
At 3:44 am we left our motel and drove up to the 9,740' summit of the Haleakala National Park. Hundreds of us stood on the edge of the cliff waiting for the sunrise at 5:50 am.
Boston, MA Sunset
This sunset overlooking Boston Harbor was a nice ending to our day after a bad lighthouse cruise out of Scituate, MA. This was at F4.8 at 1/1250th second at 0EV with ISO 200.
Charlevoix, MI Sunset
In Charlevoix, Michigan Tommy took this beautiful sunset shot on June 26, 2011 the night before our great four day GLLKA lighthouse cruise on the Keweenaw Star.
Bodie Island's Moon
After taking pictures of the Bodie Island lighthouse the almost full moon came up. I took this shot on September 18, 2013 at 7:13 pm. The next night was the full moon.
Sunrise in Marquette, MI
Gary Martin & Mike Hershberger of GLLKA also viewed this sunrise in Marquette, MI on September 7, 2009. I took this in Aperture Priority at F6.3 at 1/1000th second at 0 EV
Sunset from Turkey Point
For a few years we were vendors at the Turkey Point lighthouse during the 2 day Maryland Lighthouse Challenge. At 7:00 pm on September 20, 2009 I shot this sunset.
Sunset from Fire Island
This Fire Island sunset was on September 17, 2010. What a beautiful ending to a long day. The camera settings on my Nikon D300 were at F5 at 1/1600th of a second at -.7 EV
Escanaba Sunrise
This is Escanaba, Michigan's sunrise at 6:05 am on June 30, 2011. We were leaving the motel and going back to the Keweenaw Star. ISO 400 at F5.6 at 1/400th sec. at 0EV
Boston, MA Sunset
The Boston Harbor sunset colors on July 16, 2011 at 8:12 pm weren't as intense compared to August 28, 2010. This was at F5.6 at 1/800th second at +1.0EV with ISO 200.
Port Clyed's Moon
After our two hour NELL lighthouse cruise on Sept. 11, 2011 we met our new friends at the Marshall Point lighthouse in Port Clyde, ME for the sunset. The full moon at 6:58 pm.
Sunset in Delaware Bay
We, along with 48 other NJLHS members, ended our 12 hour Bonanza II boat cruise of the Delaware River with a nice sunset at 7:53 pm. Another great day of lighthouse hunting.
Sunset in Eagle River, AK
We flew from Cordova into Anchorage, AK got our car, motel and ate a late dinner. This sunset overlooking Knik Arm in Eagle River, Alaska was at 11:01 pm on May 29, 2005.
Sunset in Long Beach, CA
On August 11, 2010 in Long Beach, CA we rented a 19 foot boat to photograph the 4 lighthouses. Later at the Parkers light we saw this nice sunset behind the Lions light.
Sunset in Cambridge, MD
A beautiful evening on September 13, 2013 while at Choptank River Replica lighthouse. This was our 1,282 lighthouse. This sunset shot was taken at 7:04 pm.
Sunset in Cape May, NJ
After going to my college roommate's 40th birthday party I drove south to the tip of NJ. December 30, 2006's sunset is from the beach near the Cape May lighthouse.
Sunset on Lake Mead
There were 10,000 delegates at the NALC Convention in Las Vegas, NV. After a meeting on August 16, 2006 we went on the 2 hour Lake Mead Dinner Cruise and saw this sunset.
Sunset at Bodie Island, NC
While at the Bodie Island lighthouse on the Outer Banks of North Carolina we caught this sunset at 7:01 pm on September 18, 2013. We climbed the lighthouse the following morning.
Sunset in Port Clyed, ME
Our day began with a NELL lighthouse cruise with Hardy Boat Cruises out of New Harbor, ME. At 7:10 pm on September 11, 2011 in Port Clyed, ME we shot this beautiful sunset.
Boston's Moon
We packed up after shooting the sunset over Boston Harbor on July 16, 2011. We forgot about the just shy full moon. At 9:26 I took this without a tripod with the Canon SX30 IS
Sunset at Holland Harbor
This is the Holland Harbor lighthouse in Holland, MI at sunset. We spent this warm day, on the western side of Lower Michigan, photographing the lights on October 3, 2001.
Sunset in Island Heights, NJ
On September 8, 2007 I was a vendor at SailFest in Island Heights, NJ. It was a scorching day under my tent. My exhausting day was 14 hours long. I saw a nice sunset.
Our Sailboat in NJ
This late afternoon I got into our little dinghy out in the bay. Tommy sailed our 30' boat while I took shots of him with our 35mm camera and camcorder on August 15, 2001.
Sunset at Little Sable
October 1, 2005 was a typical busy vacation day. We hoped to get to the Little Sable lighthouse in Mears, MI earlier but only got the last seconds of the sunset at 7:25 pm.
Sunrise in Marquette, MI
The Keweenaw Star with GLLKA just left Marquette, MI on September 7, 2009. These crepuscular rays were taken in Aperture Priority at F6.3 at 1/800th second at 0 EV
Sunset at Point Sur
We shot the distant Point Sur lighthouse from the side of the road. At 6:55 pm the sun sunk into the horizon on August 17, 2010. Taken at F22 at 1/25th of a second at 0 EV.
Sunset in Ontonagon, MI
Our day began in Two Harbors, Minnesota and we drove 419 miles to end up in the town of Ontonagon, Michigan. This sunset was taken on September 24, 2001 before 8:00 pm.
Sunset at Earle Naval Base
On August 1, 2001 we photographed four new lighthouses in the Raritan Bay. We had a nice sunset behind the ships at the Earle Naval Base before we moored at Horseshoe Cove.
Sunset in Oahu, Hawaii
At the Paradise Cove Luau on Oahu we saw this sunset on July 22, 2004. At the same time they uncovered the pig and paraded it around. I didn't know which way to go.
Sunset in Duluth, MN
We started out in western Michigan but drove up to Duluth, Minnesota on September 23, 2001. We pulled over to the side of the road to see this pretty sunset at 7:05 pm.
Sunset in Oahu, HI
If it wasn't for the NALC National Convention we probably would have never made it to the Hawaiian Islands. Taken while at the Paradise Cove Luau on July 22, 2004.
Sunset in Highlands, NJ
July 31, 2010 was a HHH evening and I was shooting the sunset from our window while learning about bracketing. This shot was taken at F7.1 at 1/50th second at -.7 EV
Sunset in Maui, Hawaii
This sunset from Lahaina, Maui was at 7:18 pm on July 13, 2004. We had a very tight schedule island hopping for a week to see the lighthouses before our National Convention.
Harvest Moon
July 26, 2010 was my 1st time shooting the moon with my Nikon D300. I was on the new Highlands Bridge overlooking the ocean. This was taken at F18 at 1/1.3 seconds at -1.3 EV
Harvest Moon
The Harvest Moon occurred on September 22, 2010 and this was taken 3 days later. This was at F8 at 1/1.3 seconds at -.3 EV and taken from a dock on the Sandy Hook Bay.
Golden Gate Bridge Sunset
We saw a few of the lighthouses in the San Francisco area on June 20, 2002. The day began with fog and wind but we ended up with a nice sunset behind the Golden Gate Bridge.
I hope you enjoyed our beautiful sunrise, sunset and full moon photos from around North America (USA-Canada). It's exciting taking photos of the predawn sunrises, awesome sunsets, crepuscular rays, and Harvest Moons. Updated on Feb. 23, 2016.
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