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Nova Scotia Sunrise Trail Lighthouses
Amherst Welcome Center
Amherst Welcome Center
Arisaig Replica Lighthouse
Arisaig Replica
Cape George Lighthouse
Cape George
Caribou Island Lighthouse
Caribou Island
Coldspring Head Lighthouse
Coldspring Head
Havre Boucher Front Range Lighthouse
Havre Boucher Front Range
Havre Boucher Rear Range Lighthouse
Havre Boucher Rear Range
Mullins Point Lighthouse
Mullins Point
North Canso Lighthouse
North Canso
Pictou Bar Lighthouse
Pictou Bar Modern
Pictou Harbor Front Range Lighthouse
Pictou Harbour Front Range
Pictou Harbor Rear Range Lighthouse
Pictou Harbour Rear Range
Pictou Island South Lighthouse
Pictou Island South
Pictou Island Southwest Lighthouse
Pictou Island Southwest
Pomquet Island Lighthouse
Pomquet Island
Pugwash Lighthouse
Pugwash New
Old Pugwash Point Lighthouse
Pugwash Old
Trenton East River Lighthouse
Trenton Front Range
Trenton Rear Range Lighthouse
Trenton Rear Range
Pugwash Front Range Lighthouse
Unknown Pugwash Front Range-1
Pugwash Front Range Lighthouse
Unknown Pugwash Front Range-2
Pugwash Rear Range Lighthouse
Unknown Pugwash Rear Range-1
Pugwash Rear Range Lighthouse
Unknown Pugwash Rear Range-2
Wallace Harbor Front Range Lighthouse
Wallace Harbour Sector F. Range
Wallace Harbour Rear Range Lighthouse
Wallace Harbour Rear Range
Barnes Point Lighthouse
Woody Point
Bienvenue A Nova Scotia

We've been to Nova Scotia five times. In 1996, 2000, briefly in 2015 and 2016, and again in 2017. We will have to get back here soon to see more of the off-shore island lighthouses by boat.
Sunrise Trail

This Welcome to Nova Scotia sign was not far from the Digby, Nova Scotia to St. John, New Brunswick ferry area. I took this shot on August 10, 2015.
The Sunrise Trail Exit 3 sign was on Rt. 104 east. I took this shot on August 1, 2016.
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