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Nova Scotia Lighthouse Trail Lighthouses
Abbott's Harbor Lighthouse
Abbott's Harbour
Baccaro Point Lighthouse
Baccaro Point
Battery Point Breakwater
Battery Point Breakwater
Betty Island Lighthouse
Betty Island
Outer Island Lighthouse
Bon Portage Island
Candlebox Island Lighthouse
Candlebox Island
Cape Negro Island Lighthouse
Cape Negro Island
Cape Roseway Lighthouse
Cape Roseway
Cape Sable Lighthouse
Cape Sable
Carter Island Lighthouse
Carter Island
Coffin Island Lighthouse
Coffin Island
Cross Island Lighthouse
Cross Island
East Ironbound Island Lighthouse
East Ironbound Island
Fort Point Lighthouse
Fort Point
Chebogue Island Lighthouse
Green Island - Chebogue Island
Gunning Point Island Lighthouse
Gunning Point Island
Indian Harbor Lighthouse
Indian Harbour
Kaulbach Island Front Range Lighthouse
Kaulbach Island Front Range
Kaulbach Island Rear Range Lighthouse
Kaulbach Island Rear Range
Fort Point Lighthouse
La Have - Fort Point
Little Hope Island Lighthouse
Little Hope Island
Gull Rock Lighthouse
Lockeport - Gull Rock
New Medway Head Lighthouse
Medway Head New
Old Medway Head Lighthouse
Medway Head Old
Mosher Island Lighthouse
Mosher Island
Pearl Island Lighthouse
Pearl Island
Pease Island Lighthouse
Pease Island
Peggy's Point Lighthouse
Peggy's Cove
Port Medway Lighthouse
Port Medway
Port Mouton Lighthouse
Port Mouton
Pubnico Harbor Lighthouse
Pubnico Harbour
Quaker Island Lighthouse
Quaker Island
Salmon River Lighthouse
Salmon River
Sandy Point Lighthouse
Sandy Point
Seal Island Lighthouse
Seal Island
Seal Island Museum
Seal Island Museum
Stoddart Island Lighthouse
Stoddart Island
Terence Bay Lighthouse
Terence Bay
The Salvages Lighthouse
The Salvages
Tusket River Lighthouse
Tusket River
Western Head Lighthouse
Western Head
Westhaver Island Lighthouse
Westhaver Island
West Head Lighthouse
West Head
West Ironbound Island Lighthouse
West Ironbound Island
Whitehead Island Lighthouse
Whitehead Island
Woods Harbor Lighthouse
Woods Harbour

We've been to Nova Scotia five times. In 1996, 2000, briefly in 2015 and 2016, and again in 2017. We will have to get back here soon to see more of the off-shore island lighthouses by boat.
Bienvenue A Nova Scotia

This Welcome to Nova Scotia sign was not far from the Digby, Nova Scotia to St. John, New Brunswick ferry area. I took this shot on August 10, 2015.
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