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Newfoundland Lighthouses
Bacalhao Island lighthouse
Bacalhao Island
Baccalieu Island lighthouse
Baccalieu Island
Baccalieu Island Southwest Point lighthouse
Baccalieu Island Southwest Point
Bull Head lighthouse
Bay Bulls - Bull Head
Bear Cove Island lighthouse
Bear Cove Island
Bear Cove Point lighthouse
Bear Cove Point - Fermuse
Bell Island lighthouse
Bell Island
Belle Island North End lighthouse
Belle Island North End
Belle Island South End Lower lighthouse
Belle Island South End Lower
Belle Island South End Upper lighthouse
Belle Island South End Upper
Boar Island lighthouse
Boar Island
Brigus lighthouse
Broad Cove Front Range lighthouse
Broad Cove Front Range
Burnt Point lighthouse
Burnt Point
Cabot Islands lighthouse
Cabot Islands
Cainís Island lighthouse
Cainís Island
Camp Islands lighthouse
Camp Islands
Cape Anguille lighthouse
Cape Anguille
Cape Bauld lighthouse
Cape Bauld
Cape Bonavista lighthouse
Cape Bonavista
Cape Norman lighthouse
Cape Norman
Cape Pine lighthouse
Cape Pine
Cape Race lighthouse
Cape Race
Cape Ray lighthouse
Cape Ray
Cape Spear lighthouse
Cape Spear - New
Cape Spear lighthouse
Cape Spear - Old
Cape St. Francis lighthouse
Cape St. Francis
Cape St. Maryís lighthouse
Cape St. Maryís
Channel Head lighthouse
Channel Head
Colombier Islands lighthouse
Colombier Islands
Conche lighthouse
Cow Head lighthouse
Cow Head
Dawson's Point lighthouse
Dawson's Point
Double Island lighthouse
Double Island
English Harbour West lighthouse
English Harbour West
Ferryland Head lighthouse
Ferryland Head
Flower's Cove lighthouse
Flowers Cove
Fort Amherst lighthouse
Fort Amherst
Admiral's Point lighthouse
Fort Point - Admiral's Point
Fortune Head lighthouse
Fortune Head
Fishing Point lighthouse
Fox Point - Fishing Point
West Point lighthouse
FranÁois Bay - West Point
Frenchmanís Cove lighthouse
Frenchmanís Cove
Garnish lighthouse
Grand Bank Wharf lighthouse
Grand Bank Wharf
Catalina lighthouse
Green Island - Catalina
Fortune Bay lighthouse
Green Island - Fortune Bay
Green Point lighthouse
Green Point
Cape St. John lighthouse
Gull Island - Cape St. John
Hantís Harbor lighthouse
Hantís Harbour
Harbor Grace lighthouse
Harbour Grace
Sandy Point lighthouse
Harbour Point - Sandy Point
Heartís Content lighthouse
Heartís Content
Keppel Island lighthouse
Keppel Island
King's Cove Head lighthouse
King's Cove Head
La Haye Point lighthouse
La Haye Point
Allan's Island lighthouse
Lamaline - Allan's Island
Lamaline Front Range lighthouse
Lamaline Front Range - Rt. 220
Lamaline Rear Range lighthouse
Lamaline Rear Range - Rt. 220
Little Burin Island lighthouse
Little Burin Island
Little Denier Island lighthouse
Little Denier Island
Little Harbor lighthouse
Little Harbour
Little Port Head lighthouse
Little Port Head
Lobster Cove lighthouse
Lobster Cove Head
Long Island lighthouse
Long Island
Long Island's lantern room
Long Island's lantern room
Long Island East End lighthouse
Long Island East End
Long Point lighthouse
Long Point - Twillingate
Manuel Island lighthouse
Manuel Island
Marticot Island lighthouse
Marticot Island
Middle Head lighthouse
Middle Head
Deep Cove lighthouse
Musgravetown Marina - Deep Cove
Nameless Point lighthouse
Nameless Point
 New Fťrolle Peninsula lighthouse
New Fťrolle Peninsula
New Perlican lighthouse
New Perlican
North Penguin Island lighthouse
North Penguin Island
Ramea lighthouse
Northwest Head - Ramea
Offer Wadham Island lighthouse
Offer Wadham Island
Pass Island lighthouse
Pass Island
Peckford Island lighthouse
Peckford Island
Petite Forte lighthouse
Petite Forte
Placentia Harbor Front Range lighthouse
Placentia Harbour Front Range
Placentia Harbour Rear Range lighthouse
Placentia Harbour Rear Range
Point Amour lighthouse
Point Amour
Point Riche lighthouse
Point Riche
Point Riche Front Range lighthouse
Point Riche Front Range
Point Riche Rear Range lighthouse
Point Riche Rear Range
Point Verde lighthouse
Point Verde
Powles Head lighthouse
Powles Head
Puffin Island lighthouse
Puffin Island
Random Head lighthouse
Random Head
Harbour Breton lighthouse
Rocky Point - Harbour Breton
Rose Blanche lighthouse
Rose Blanche
Red Bay lighthouse
Saddle Island - Red Bay
Salmon Point lighthouse
Salmon Point
Seal Cove lighthouse
Seal Cove
South Head lighthouse
South Head
St. Jacques Island lighthouse
St. Jacques Island
St. Modeste Island lighthouse
St. Modeste Island
Surgeon Cove Point lighthouse
Surgeon Cove Point
Tides Cove Point lighthouse
Tides Cove Point
Trepassey Harbor lighthouse
Trepassey Harbour
Valley Pond lighthouse
Valley Pond
Westport Cove lighthouse
Westport Cove
Woody Point lighthouse
Woody Point
What a great trip to Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada in 2015. We saw 58 lighthouses here. We were on several ferries and a few boat trips. It was nice to hang out with our friends from Florida at a few lights. There are many more lighthouses far off shore that will have to be seen on another trip.
Welcome To Newfoundland
Be Moose Alert
This sign that says Welcome to Newfoundland Labrador was on Charter Avenue in Placentia, Newfoundland. We just got off the car ferry from Nova Scotia on August 13, 2015 and I took this.
The Be Moose Alert signs were all over Newfoundland as well as the smaller Moose crossing signs. Taken on August 27, 2015.
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