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Canada's Floral Clock
This is the Niagara Parks Floral Clock. Its location is at 14004 Niagara Parkway in Queenston, Ontario, Canada. Luckily we were able to return here again on May 26, 2008.
Alaska Train
This Alaskan train was in Seward, AK. We saw this after we hung out at the Alaskan Sealife Center. I took this shot on June 1, 2005. Notice the pretty snow covered mountains.
Plane to Molokai
We flew in a 10 seater prop-plane from Maui to Molokai with Airlink on July 13, 2004. We photographed the Kalaupapa lighthouse after the Father Damien tour on Molokai, Hawaii.
Canada's Floral Clock
Here is the Niagara Parks Floral Clock on September 17, 2009. Almost everytime we are in the area we stop by to photograph Niagara Falls and the Floral Clock.
Fisherman's Wharf in SF
This famous Fisherman's Wharf landmark sign is on the corner of Jerrerson Street and Taylor Street in San Francisco, CA. I took this on June 4, 2006 while visiting.
Michigan's Charter Flight
The Fultons shared a 90 minute charter flight with us out of Charlevoix, MI on June 25, 2010. Fresh Air Aviation flew us 83 miles to photograph 14 lights (4 new + 10 repeats).
Canada's Floral Clock
The design of the Niagara Parks Floral Clock is different every year. The flower planting area is 38 feet wide and was built in 1950. This was taken on Sept. 22, 2006.
The Terry Fox Monument is at 1000 Hwy. 11/17 (T-Bay Expressway) Thunder Bay, ON. He died at 22 from Cancer, July 28, 1958-June 28, 1981. I took this on July 17, 2012.
California's Charter Flight
Out of Santa Ynez, CA we chartered a plane with Sun West Aviation on August 10, 2010. We flew for one hour circling the beautiful cliff area at the Point Conception lighthouse.
Canada's Floral Clock
We had another jammed packed vacation planned but had time for the Niagara Parks Floral Clock in Queenston, Ontario, Canada. I took this shot on July 3, 2013.
Labor Day Fireworks
This was part of the Labor Day fireworks finale on September 4, 2010. I took this at F/13 at 1.3 sec at 200 iso. Not too bad for a first timer. I was learning all throughout.
Sitka's Charter Flight
We had a great two hour charter flight with Air Sitka on June 2, 2005 out of Sitka, AK. We flew a total of 180 miles to photograph the Cape Decision and Rockwell lighthouses.
Canada's Floral Clock
This is the Niagara Parks Floral Clock on June 18, 2011. We drove 7+ hours to get here and only spent ten minutes. Our tight schedule didn't allow us to go to Niagara Falls again.
Canadian Lupins
We came across a field of purple and pink lupins while on Campobello Island in New Brunswick, Canada. On June 16, 2007 we hiked closer to the Head Harbor lighthouse.
Talkeetna Air Taxi
We were on a 2+ hour tour with Talkeetna Air Taxi on May 30, 2005. We even walked on a glacier in between flying over pretty Mount McKinley, Mount Foraker, and Mount Hunter.
Canada's Floral Clock
This was our first time at the Niagara Parks Floral Clock. It is near the Lewiston - Queenston International Bridge in Queenston, ON. This was on Oct. 9, 2002.
Labor Day fireworks
I took this with my Nikon D300 on a tripod at F/13 at 1.3 sec at 200 iso. This was my first time shooting fireworks and not too bad. This was on Labor Day, September 4, 2010.
Cordova's Charter Flight
Out of Cordova, AK we chartered a plane with Fishing & Flying on May 29, 2005. We flew 140 miles in 2 hours to see the Cape St. Elias, Cape Hinchenbrook, and Odiak Pharos lights.
These pretty and colorful pansies were in a planter near the Niagara Parks Floral Clock. I took this shot on May 26, 2008 after we photographed 7 lighthouses for the day.
Pretty Peonies
This is one of our white peonies flowers that we have in our front yard. We also have a few red flowers but ours never look that great. I took this shot on May 17, 2010.
Juneau's Charter Flight
We used Alaska Fly 'n' Fish Charters out of Juneau, AK on May 27, 2005. In 1 ¾ hours we flew 140 miles to see Cape Spencer, Point Retreat, and Sentinel Island lighthouses.
Pretty Lilies
We have a few lilies in our vegetable planter next to our zucchini and cherry tomato plants. These perennial flowers are so pretty when they bloomed on June 25, 2009.
Labor Day fireworks
This was from the Labor Day fireworks on September 4, 2010. We were on the boardwalk at the beach in Long Branch, NJ. I shot this at F/13 at 1.3 second at 200 iso.
Ketchikan's Charter Flight
We used Alaska Seaplane Tours for our 1 ¾ hour charter flight on May 23, 2005. We flew over 100 miles in the drizzle to see the 3 lighthouses and a lightship in Ketchikan, AK.
Toronto Canada's Tulips
On May 25, 2008 we took the Hanlan's Point passenger ferry to the Toronto Islands for the Gibraltar Point light. These yellow tulips were at the ferry terminal on the mainland.
NJ Mums
I decided to bring my camera with me while doing some errands on November 10, 2008. I saw a nice yard display of yellow and purple mums while near Rumson, New Jersey.
Maine's Charter Flight
We chartered Maine Coastal Flight Center in Trenton, Maine on June 15, 2007. We flew 110 miles in two hours photographing two new and twelve repeat lighthouses. We had fun.
Niagara Falls flowers
We saw these pretty flowers while walking around the Niagara Falls area on September 22, 2006. You can see the Falls in the background of the shot on this cloudy day.
Labor Day fireworks
This was from the Labor Day fireworks September 4, 2010 in Long Branch, NJ. This was at F/13 at 1.3 second at 200 iso. By the end I was getting the hang of it.
Florida's Charter Flight
We flew 35 minutes one way to Dry Tortugas to photograph 2 lighthouses and snorkel on March 30, 2004. Key West Seaplanes is the new name of my H.S. friend's company.
Lilacs in Ontario, Canada
On the side of Long Point Road in Prince Edward, Ontario we saw these pretty lilacs. I took this in the mid-morning on May 24, 2008. We were near northern Lake Ontario.
Icy Plant
We call it the Valentine's Day Ice Storm. The east coast had it bad on February 14, 2007 everything was covered in thick ice. We had no power for 3 days but it was pretty.
HeliUSA Flight
Our 90 minute 200 mile helicopter ride with HeliUSA was on August 18, 2006. We saw the Colorado River, Hoover Dam, Valley of Fire and Grand Canyon above Nevada and Arizona.
Old Style KFC
While driving through Port Elgin, Ontario we spotted this old style Kentucky Fried Chicken building. It brought back fond memories when we took this shot on May 30, 2008.
Labor Day Fireworks
For this photo I merged two of my fireworks shots into one. September 4, 2010 was my first time photographing fireworks while in Long Branch, New Jersey for Labor Day.
Poison Ivy
We saw clumps of this poison ivy on July 28, 2009 while hiking the beachy path to and from the Minnesota Point lighthouse. It took 2 hours to walk 3 miles. Luckily it didn't rain.
Old Style KFC Bucket
This is the big Kentucky Fried Chicken or KFC bucket that is in front of the old style building on Hwy. 21 in Port Elgin, Ontario. This was also taken on rainy May 30, 2008.
Ontario Canola Field
This field of blossoming yellow flowers is canola. It could be used as a biodiesel fuel alternative. We were on CR-35-Pain Court Line in Chatham-Kent, ON on May 29, 2008.
Canadian Flags
Seen here is the Canadian flag, the province flag of New Brunswick, and the Shediac coat of arms flag. This was taken on October 1, 2008 while we were in Shediac, NB.
USA and AK flags
We took the hour Portage Glacier Cruise on June 1, 2005. Here's the American flag and the Alaskan flag showing the constellation Ursa Major (Big Dipper and North Star).
42nd Parallel
This is the 42nd parallel sign in Point Pelee, ON. First we distantly shot the off-shore lights near Pelee Island from the mainland's beach. This was taken on July 20, 2009.
Michigan's Dept. of Natural Resources
The map of Michigan is at the entrance to the Tri Centennial State Park. MI's state motto is "If you seek a pleasant peninsula look about you." Taken on June 23, 2010.
Canadian Wind Farm
These are just two of the wind turbines on Route 42-NS Line in Bayham, Ontario. I took this shot on May 28, 2008. We've seen several wind farms around North America.
Canadian Flags
From left to right is the New Brunswick province flag, the national flag of Canada, and the Acadia flag. I took this shot on September 30, 2008.
USA Flag
We revisited eight lighthouses and one new light on the eastern side of Lower Michigan on Aug. 2, 2009. This massive American flag flew in the marina near the Alpena light.
Texas Plants
While we were traveling on the coast of Texas on March 16, 2005 we saw these plants on the side of the road. We think they are yucca plants with the flowers.
Ultralight Plane at Turkey Point
This ultralight plane flew near the Turkey Point lighthouse during their 7th Annual Maryland Lighthouse Challenge. I took this shot on Sept. 20, 2009.
Plane landing in Philly
On May 21, 2011 we passed the Philadelphia International Airport during our 12 hour cruise on the Bonanza II. We photographed the lighthouses on the Delaware River.
Colorful Mushroom
We spotted this colorful mushroom during our 3.4 mile round trip hike on September 13, 2009. We enjoyed photographing the Au Sable lighthouse on Lake Superior.
Quebec Flag
We took a great vacation to Quebec, Canada with our new friends. I took this shot on September 17, 2014. We saw 94 new lighthouses and a few repeat lighthouses.
Plymouth Rock
Plymouth Rock is the size of a bouldar and is protected by a cage. The 80' paddleboat of Pilgrim Belle Cruises took us past the Duxbury Pier lighthouse on May 31, 2009.
Boldt Castle
May 14, 2011 Uncle Sam's Boat Tours took NELL lighthouse group 110 miles through the St. Lawrence River and Lake Ontario. We saw 8 lighthouses and Boldt Castle.
Coney Island Ferris Wheel
American Princess Cruises out of Breezy Point, NY took us to see nine lights in six hours in Raritan Bay and Lower New York Bay. We also passed Coney Island on Oct. 8, 2011.
Nuclear Station
The Bonanza II boat past the Salem Nuclear Generation Station # 2 during our lighthouse cruise in the Delaware River. We, NJLHS members, enjoyed our trip on May 21, 2011.
Seaplane in Wisconsin
This seaplane flew above us while we were on a boat charter photographing the Superior Entry South Breakwater lighthouse in Superior, Wisconsin on July 10, 2013.
Great Lakes Maritime Center Flags
July 1, 2011 we boarded the Huron Lady II for a 2 hour cruise along the St. Clair River. We passed the Great Lakes Maritime Center, Lightship Huron, and Fort Gratiot lighthouse.
Bi-Plane at Turkey Point
This bi-plane flew past the Turkey Point lighthouse several times on Sept. 20, 2009. We enjoyed being vendors during the 7th Annual Maryland Lighthouse Challenge.
I hope you enjoyed seeing our miscellaneous photos taken from around North America (United States and Canada). I'll add more Floral Clock, fireworks, flowers, planes, and flag photos as I take them from vacation. Updated on April 8, 2015.
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