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Maine Lighthouses
Bakers Island Lighthouse
Bakers Island
Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse
Bass Harbor Head
Bear Island Lighthouse
Bear Island
Blue Hill Bay Lighthouse
Blue Hill Bay
Boon Island Lighthouse
Boon Island
Browns Head Lighthouse
Brown's Head
Burnt Coat Harbor Lighthouse
Burnt Coat Harbor
Burnt Island Lighthouse
Burnt Island
Cape Elizabeth East Lighthouse
Cape Elizabeth East
Cape Elizabeth West Lighthouse
Cape Elizabeth West
The Nubble Lighthouse
Cape Neddick
Curtis Island Lighthouse
Curtis Island
Dice Head Lighthouse
Dice Head
Doubling Point Lighthouse
Doubling Point
Eagle Island Lighthouse
Eagle Island
Egg Rock Lighthouse
Egg Rock
Fort Point Lighthouse
Fort Point
Franklin Island Lighthouse
Franklin Island
Goat Island Lighthouse
Goat Island
Goose Rock Lighthouse
Goose Rock
Great Duck Island Lighthouse
Great Duck Island
Grindle Point Lighthouse
Grindle Point
Halfway Rock Lighthouse
Halfway Rock
Hendricks Head Lighthouse
Hendricks Head
Heron Neck Lighthouse
Heron Neck
Indian Island Lighthouse
Indian Island
Isle Au Haut Lighthouse
Isle Au Haut
Kennebec River Front Range Lighthouse
Kennebec River Front Range
Kennebec River Rear Range Lighthouse
Kennebec River Rear Range
Ladies Delight Lighthouse
Ladies Delight
Libby Island Lighthouse
Libby Island
Little Mark Island Lighthouse
Little Mark Island
Little River Lighthouse
Little River
Lubec Channel Lighthouse
Lubec Channel
Mark Island Lighthouse
Mark Island
Marshall Point Lighthouse
Marshall Point
Matinicus Rock North Lighthouse
Matinicus Rock North
Matinicus Rock South Lighthouse
Matinicus Rock South
Monhegan Island Lighthouse
Monhegan Island
Moose Peak Lighthouse
Moose Peak
Mount Desert Rock Lighthouse
Mount Desert Rock
Narraguagus Lighthouse
Nash Island Lighthouse
Nash Island
Owls Head Lighthouse
Owl's Head
Pemaquid Point Lighthouse
Pemaquid Point
Perkins Island Lighthouse
Perkins Island
Petit Manan Lighthouse
Petit Manan
Pond Island Lighthouse
Pond Island
Portland Breakwater Lighthouse
Portland Breakwater
Portland Head Lighthouse
Portland Head
Prospect Harbor Lighthouse
Prospect Harbor
Pumpkin Island Lighthouse
Pumpkin Island
Ram Island Lighthouse
Ram Island
Ram Island Ledge Lighthouse
Ram Island Ledge
Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse
Rockland Breakwater
Rockland Harbor Southwest Lighthouse
Rockland Harbor Southwest
Saddleback Ledge Lighthouse
Saddleback Ledge
Seguin Island Lighthouse
Seguin Island
Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse
Spring Point Ledge
Squirrel Point Lighthouse
Squirrel Point
Tenants Harbor Lighthouse
Tenants Harbor
The Cuckolds Lighthouse
The Cuckolds
Two Bush Island Lighthouse
Two Bush Island
West Quoddy Head Lighthouse
West Quoddy Head
Whaleback Ledge Lighthouse
Whaleback Ledge
Whitehead Island Lighthouse
Whitehead Island
Whitlocks Mill Lighthouse
Whitlock's Mill
Winter Harbor Lighthouse
Winter Harbor
Wood Island Lighthouse
Wood Island
We love Maine! We've been to Maine a dozen times to photograph the lighthouses either by car, cruises or boat charters. In 2016 we took a great lighthouse cruise to see 17 USA and Canadian lighthouses with many other lighthouse hunters. One year we ate lobster alone on the dock. The fresh Maine lobster was just delicious!!
Welcome to Maine
This Welcome to Maine State sign was on I-95 North. It's on the right side in between exits 2 and 3. After crossing the bridge you see the red lobster symbol on the tall and wide white structure. Just seeing that makes us both smile because we know we're in Maine. I took this shot on September 23, 2008.
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