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Illinois Lighthouses
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Dunne Crib
68th Street Crib-Dunne Crib
Chicago Harbor Lighthouse
Chicago Harbor
Chicago Harbor SE Guidewall Lighthouse
Chicago Harbor SE Guidewall
Four Mile Intake Crib
Four Mile Crib
Grosse Point Lighthouse
Grosse Point
Waukegan Harbor Lighthouse
Waukegan Harbor
William E. Dever Crib
William E. Dever Crib
Wilson Avenue Crib
Wilson Avenue Crib
We first traveled to the Great Lakes in 2001. It was great to see all the American flags flying as we drove across the states days after the attack on our country. We went back in 2006 to see new ones and to reshoot. In June 2010 we were on the Keweenaw Star with GLLKA to see the off-shore lights and the intake cribs.
Welcome to Illinois

This Welcome to Illinois State sign was on I-94 westbound on the right side of the road at the underpass. I took this shot on July 22, 2009.
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